Pixelscope (CEO Kei Kwon) is set to showcase Pixelcast, its innovative solution that uses AI to automate the entire process of sports broadcasting (camera shooting, broadcast screen editing, broadcast transmission, graphic production) at the world’s largest conference for broadcast, entertainment, and technology professionals, the 2024 NAB Show. The unmanned live broadcasting solution is designed to take over simple repetitive tasks to help humans maximize work efficiency.

NAB 2024: A Global Hub for Broadcasting Innovation

The NAB Show, a cornerstone event in the broadcasting sector, has been an annual fixture since 1922 and will take place this year at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 13-17. The exhibition is expected to host over 1,700 participants, including major industry players such as Adobe, Sony, and Panasonic, showcasing the latest advancements in broadcasting, media, and entertainment technologies.

Pixelcast Revolutionizes Sports Broadcasting with Unmatched AI Automation Solution. Pixelcast stands as the only solution in the world that’s capable of fully automating live sports broadcasting.

This sophisticated solution leverages AI and image processing technology to manage every aspect of sports broadcast production, from camera operation to real-time editing and graphic generation.

With its advanced AI system, Pixelcast autonomously recognizes and reacts to the sports game situations, controlling multiple broadcast cameras simultaneously. This capability ensures that every significant action is captured and broadcasted with precision akin to traditional human-operated systems. The technology utilizes high-speed tracking cameras to analyze players’ and balls’ movements in 3D, ensuring dynamic and accurate coverage.

Pixelcast’s automation extends beyond simple camera operations. It encompasses all phases of the broadcasting process, including angle adjustments for live viewing, instant replay creation, and data-driven graphic production. The result is a more vivid and engaging experience for the audience, surpassing traditional broadcast methods.

Pixelscope to Demonstrate Autonomous Broadcasting of Table Tennis Match at NAB 2024

AI streaming company Pixelscope will demonstrate the capabilities of its AI-powered Pixelcast system with a live table tennis match at the 2024 NAB Show. This cutting-edge technology will autonomously film, edit, and broadcast a table tennis singles match, showcasing its ability to handle the fast-paced and unpredictable nature of the sport without any human intervention.

Table tennis, known for its rapid and intense gameplay, presents unique challenges for broadcasting. Pixelcast addresses these challenges by employing AI to predict and track the swift movements of both the ball and players within the confined space of a table tennis court. The system’s high-speed cameras and real-time processing allow it to capture every significant moment of the match with remarkable clarity.

Moreover, Pixelcast enhances the viewing experience by automatically selecting the most relevant camera angles and generating data-driven graphics that illustrate game statistics and player performance. These graphics are analyzed and displayed in real time, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing match dynamics.

Pixelscope Explores the Future of Broadcasting at 2024 NAB Show with Pixelcast

Pixelscope is set to display not just the technical prowess of its Pixelcast technology but also its broader vision for the future of broadcasting and entertainment at the 2024 NAB Show.

The Pixelcast system, by automating various aspects of live broadcasting, is showing how high-quality production can be achieved more efficiently and cost-effectively, even for smaller, less mainstream sports and events.

This technology is also proving that even in challenging environments—where it might be unsafe or impractical for human crews to operate—unmanned broadcasts can produce excellent, engaging content.

The benefits of Pixelcast extend beyond simple automation. By reducing the labor needed for repetitive tasks like filming and editing, it allows creative professionals to focus on higher-level, more creative aspects of production.

Industry experts are particularly excited about how Pixelcast could revolutionize storytelling within the broadcast industry. The system’s ability to provide detailed, real-time analysis adds a new layer of depth to how stories are told and experienced on screen, capturing human emotions and the nuances of live action more effectively.

Kei Kwon, CEO of Pixelscope, articulated the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve in broadcasting. «For many years, we have been working to create a complete AI automated broadcasting production solution that upholds high-quality standards at an efficient cost,» Kwon stated. «With Pixelcast, we aim to expand live broadcasting opportunities, particularly for new leagues and tournaments, and reinforce our commitment to enhancing the capabilities of broadcast professionals worldwide.»

Looking forward, Pixelscope plans to engage in discussions at the 2024 NAB Show about expanding Pixelcast into the global market, underscoring its value in helping professionals elevate their creative and strategic contributions to the industry. This aligns with Pixelscope’s goal to make Pixelcast a cornerstone in the future landscape of global broadcasting and entertainment.


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