Able to stream over a variety of IP formats at bitrates up to 120Mb/s, the Onyx-IP is ideal for live sports coverage.  

Southampton, UK — Domo Broadcast Systems (DBS) announces the release of the Onyx-IP family of encoders  and decoders. Taking latency down to unheard of levels and allowing for video to be transmitted down two  different paths, the Onyx is a game-changer for live sports coverage and remote production. It will be the  showcase item at the exhibition stand at this year’s NAB. 

Onyx HEVC is a broadcast-quality H.265 encoder, offering exceptional compression ratios on video resolutions  up to 4K UHD. It is ideal for remote production applications over.


leased lines or satellite, handling 4 HD or 1 UHD feed with ultra 

low latency. 

“We know an issue for broadcasters has been the risk of losing a  

transmission,” explains Richard Lane, Broadcast Engineering Lead  

at Domo Broadcast Systems. “Onyx encoders can stream across  

dual networks using a variety of IP formats including SRT, at  

bitrates of up to 120Mb/s. If one network should fail, the  

transmission will still make it through the other. So, viewers get  

to see the action in closer to real time, and broadcasters reduce  

the risk of dead air by having a back-up transmission path.” 

The use of ST2022-7 technology at the decoder ensures glitch free recovery from network errors or path fail over. For legacy  systems and satellite modem connections, the Onyx encoder is  equipped with ASI inputs and outputs. 

“Transmitting over IP can add security risks — we know  broadcasters don’t want to risk having their valuable content  stolen,” says Richard. “The Onyx takes care of that. Broadcasters can employ built-in encryption mechanisms, such as AES over  SRT or BISS, to protect their content.” 

Key Onyx features 

• Complete solution for  

REMI/remote production 

• SMPTE 2022-7 dual-path  


• Single-frame HEVC end-end  latency 

• SRT fully supported 

• 4x 1080p50/59 codecs in a single  1RU half-rack

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The Onyx builds on the Domo Broadcast Systems’ Sapphire family of encoders and decoders, which have been  the go-to solution for broadcasters around the world for several years. 

“We’re always looking to innovate, and have become renowned for our bespoke solutions able to meet the  most intricate of our broadcast customers’ needs,” says Mike Budge, Broadcast Unit Director for Domo  Broadcast Systems. “Our close tie with the motor sport broadcast industry was one of the main catalysts behind  our refinements made to the Sapphire and ultimately our development of the Onyx. We wanted to build upon  the Sapphire — already in wide use for motor sport coverage and other major global sports events — to meet the industry’s desire list for additional capabilities. 

“The ultra-low latency levels of the Onyx and its ability to transmit simultaneously over dual networks and using  a variety of IP formats were hoped for by the industry, but considered by many to be wishful thinking. But tell us  something is impossible, and we will accept and meet the challenge!” 

The Onyx’s unique quad mode allows four HD inputs to be synchronised and encoded with end‐to‐end latencies  as low as 40ms. This high‐density and low‐latency encoding is ideal for coverage of live sporting events. 

“We were able to test the Onyx with a major motor sport broadcaster,” states Richard. “This in-field testing  under real-life conditions and working directly with the broadcaster’s team has allowed us to continue to make  refinements. We will always be striving to add to the capabilities of the Onyx. 

“Once you make one wish come true, the ideas for others keep flowing.” 

The Domo Broadcast Systems team will be showcasing the Onyx at this year’s name NAB exhibition in Las Vegas,  23‒27 April 2022. Please visit us at our stand: West Hall — W7822. 


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